RogueKiller Anti-malware (64bit) for Windows

Download Free RogueKiller Anti-malware (64bit) for Windows

RogueKiller Anti-malware is a Windows program that allows you to scan your computer for certain dangerous files that you store. That way, we just have to run the portable file and get access to many tools for free.

The RogueKiller Anti-malware interface is quite simple and from the side menu we can access all the options offered to us. At the top we will have the scan function through which we can check our computer to create a list of possible suspicious items.

The control panel will also show the last date we performed an analysis and the history of the dangerous items found. This is why we only need to perform periodic analyzes to decide what to do with possible malware or viruses detected by the program.

RogueKiller Anti-malware has the necessary tools to detect possible suspicious items on our computer. In the same way, we will also have many options that will allow us to manage dangerous files in the best possible way.


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