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Equestrian Stories is a simple game where you can have fun galloping on different horses through amazing settings. In addition, you ride each cane with different girls’ boots, which you can also equip for the occasion.

In Equestrian Stories you have to go to the stable to take care of each horse and keep them all happy. Exercise your dynamics so that later they can shine against the competition – although this is not as simple as it seems, as your first approach to each horse should be careful not to scare it.

The controls are quite simple and are based on pressing the various elements that appear on the screen. Graphics display all the elements in 3D and this makes you want to explore every corner of this universe. In addition, different characters display text messages that really enhance the narrative.

With Equestrian Stories you will have a great time helping each rider to tighten his bond with his horses. Only then will you manage good competitive performance and thus you will accumulate many points and rewards that allow you to unlock new animals and skills to make great jumps and races.


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