Riding Extreme 3D 1.24 for Android

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Get on a bike and compete in exciting racing in the Riding Extreme 3D racing game. This time, you will be competing with dozens of athletes, all trying to fly as fast as possible and be first on the finish line.

As its name suggests, Riding Extreme 3D has 3D graphics that clearly show the whole road. During the races, you will have to travel through forests where the slightest mistake could cost you dearly. Proceed carefully, because if you fall off your bike, it will be almost impossible to follow the top races.

Additionally, you can hit other fighters on the ground in Riding Extreme 3D. Although this feature adds to the fun, be careful when pushing other players, otherwise you will fall too. Fortunately, it’s easy to control your rider in Riding Extreme 3D: just hold your finger on the screen to accelerate and swipe left or right to change directions.

Riding Extreme 3D is a game with exciting races. Take a look and fly as fast as you can, pass opponents and avoid obstacles as you run to the finish line. Finally, this game always shows your position in the race, so you can get an idea of ​​how to place it before passing the checkered flag.


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