RetroArch 1.9.7 for Mac – Download

Download Free RetroArch 1.9.7 for Mac – Download

RetroArch is a very special emulator. Instead of focusing on a single console, it covers all kinds of consoles to mimic thousands of games on different platforms with the help of some of the most popular emulators for each platform. With this program, you can turn your Mac into a real gaming machine.

The amazingly complete list of RetroArch consoles (with emulator in parentheses) includes PlayStation 1 (PCSX ReARMed), Super Nintendo (SNES9x Next), Nintendo Entertainment System (FCEUmm / NEStopia), GameBoy / GameBoy Color (Gambatte), GameBoy Advance (VBA Next)), Arcade (Final Burn Alpha), Neo Geo Pocket Color (Mednafen NGP), Virtual Boy (Mednafen VB), Sega Genesis / Mega Drive (Genesis Plus GX), Sega Master System / Sega Game Gear (Genesis Plus GX), Sega CD / Mega CD (Genesis Plus GX), PC Engine / PC Engine CD (Mednafen PCE Fast), WonderSwan Color / Crystal (Mednafen Wonderswan) and others.

As if that weren’t enough, RetroArch Android also perfectly mimics Doom 1, Doom 2, Ultimate Doom and Final Doom. As we all know, every simulator that deserves its salt must include Doom. That said, RetroArch does not come with any video game ROMs. The emulators come in the Libreto folder or with their own installer included in the program, but the ROMs must be downloaded separately from another site.

RetroArch is by far the most complete collection of emulators in existence. Other emulators are suitable for one or two consoles, but with RetroArch, you can literally mimic thousands of games.


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