Resolume Arena for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free Resolume Arena for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Resolume Arena for Mac has everything Avenue has, as well as complex options for projection mapping and mixing headlights. Check it from a lighting desk and sync with the DJ via the SMPTE time code.

Features and best moments

Live video mix
Resolume makes you responsible. You can I am playing your videos when you want, how you want. Forward, backward, scratch and adjust the rhythm to the rhythm. Mix and match your visuals quickly and easily and play Resolume as an instrument.

Intuitive interface
Whatever your style, Continuation offers you an easy interface to play it. Use as few or more videos and effects as you want. The only limit is the raw power and imagination of your computer.

From your local club to the main stadium
You can play on any screen. From a simple screen behind it DJ at your local club up to the main stage of Ultra. As long as your computer can recognize it as output, Resolume will allow you to use it.

Audio and video playback
Resolume plays audio and video files. Live pixel and drop beats, combine any video file with any audio file.

Audiovisual effects
Resolume has both sound effects and video effects. Use them separately or combine them to create exciting new audiovisual effects.

Audio analysis
Make the clips and effects dance to the beat. Resolume can analyze the sound to make any parameter bounce on the music.

Mapping with the Arena
View videos on any type of surface. Complex geometric structures or entire buildings. Resolume does all the hard work so you can focus on the important part: be creative.

Combine Headlights with Arena
By mixing edges, you can seamlessly project a beautiful widescreen image with two or more projectors. It can even be completed for a full 360 degree experience.

Work for cars, buildings or pumpkins
With Arena for macOS, you can undertake any size mapping project. From showing on DJ booths to cars, buildings and LED mappings in giant scenes like the Ultra.

LED there is light
Think outside the screen and color the lights too! With Resolume Arena for Mac you can send colors to DMX luminaires and the lights will be in sync with your optics.

Live composites & effects
Adjust the scale and position of your clips according to your needs. Apply effects to drastically change your look video. Everything works on the video card, so you have the fastest performance and the best possible image quality.

Real-time performance
Apply effects, shuffle, shuffle, cut and edit, it all happens on the spot.

Audio and video add-ons
All visual effects in Resolume are add-ons, and you can easily add more effects by downloading third-party add-ons. You can even schedule your own use OpenGL. In terms of sound, you can use the VST add-ons to play your favorite effects.

Control by lighting desk
You can control the Arena from a lighting desk using DMX. This way you can control the lights and video with the touch of a Fader.

Note: Watermark on output video in demo version.

Also available: Download Resolume Arena for Windows

Download Last Version: Resolume Arena for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

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