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Download Free Renoise 3.3.1 – Free PC Download

People who started using sound systems in the 80’s will still remember the trackers. These specific multi-channel sequences used code to interact with the machine, which is why its interface is rather different from the modern audio sequence. This look is closer to a programming application than to a music creation program hexadecimal code required, in such a way that today few loyal users use this type of software.

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However, Renovate has been developed to eliminate the downward slope. This sequencer is based on trackers but includes new features which make it the perfect choice for users. Although it retains the substance of the product, Renovate includes functions retained so far in the modern DAW, such as support for external VST or the choice of use ASIO drivers to reduce latency and optimize performance and sound quality.

In addition, it has Multi-Core support and it is possible to synchronize computers either through OSC or through MIDI. It also has additives for delay compensation, Rewire functions, external audio recording functions, a complete embroidery, options for mixing between channels and support for CAF, AIFC, SND and AU archives.

If you like making music and you miss the watch program, Renovate is the perfect solution. It includes the best technological innovations of recent years, so you can combine the best things in both worlds with perfect results.

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