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REFACE: face sharing video – the app formerly known as Doublicat – is an original tool that lets you create your own deepfakes directly from your smartphone. Assembling your new videos with lightning speed, it is easy to stick your face in a variety of scenes that are predefined in the application.

From the main menu in REFACE: face sharing videos, you will find each of the available videos that you can use. A nice feature is that all videos are already sorted into categories, including. Star Wars and Game of Thrones, so you will have no problem finding a funny clip from your favorite TV shows and movies. That said, to start using your “fakes” you need to take a quick snapshot – make sure it has the right size and sharpness – so that the application algorithms collect your facial features and align them properly.

Once you have selected one of the application scenes, all you have to do is click on the template to select the person you want to modify and paste it to your liking. And this crucial point is-exactly-where a subtle kind of brilliance appears. OFF: face sharing videos are able to quickly restart the original clip to adjust it to suit whichever you choose. Beyond that, it is up to you to decide where to save your video – as a GIF, in the smartphone gallery or choose to post it directly to Instagram.

REFACE: Face sharing videos are one of those uniquely efficient applications that allow you to take the mask of a completely different person to see a modified version of yourself. All you need is a quick selfie for this tool to take off the fun (and scary realistic) deepfakes that will surely shock any of your acquaintances.


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