reddit Official application 2021.29.0 for Android

Download Free reddit Official application 2021.29.0 for Android

The official reddit app is the official app from the giant reddit forum, one of the largest online Internet user communities and one of the most popular sites for discussing current issues. It also includes pictures of almost anything you can think of.

This official app took a long time to reach Android, more than users would like, but it includes almost all the features you could want in a very nice Material Design style. You can also choose between the typical white Reddit theme or a dark one.

It has many interesting features, one of which is the ability to have more than one user account in the same application. Just log in to your different accounts, and then you can switch at any time. Another interesting feature allows you to blur NSFW content or turn off image previews.

The official reddit app is a powerful app and is great news for those who use this forum. It took a long time, but it was worth it.

Transparency for reddit, the final informal customer

If you do not use reddit then you just do not know what is happening on the Internet. I’m serious. Although an official customer has recently appeared and there are many other alternatives to browsing the service, there is still plenty of room for maneuver when it comes to using reddit on your smartphone. Slide for reddit is another customer that, although in beta, stands out as one of the best in its field for both its interface and its exclusive features, and is constantly updated.

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