Red Impostor 1.2.2 for Android

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Red Impostor is a 3D action / adventure game with maps and characters that are very similar to the popular game Among Us. Just like this successful InnerSloth game, the goal is to defeat all the enemies that end the game.

Red Impostor does not distinguish between fraudsters and crew. In each game, you must finish all your opponents while trying to stay out of sight. To help you, there are traps you can go to hide and move to other rooms on the ship.

Red Impostor has leather characters that you can unlock so that each scammer has a different outfit. But regardless of the skin you choose, your mission is always to hide other characters and press the knife button to defeat them all.

Above all, the number of players you have left to win is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Take a look at Red Impostor, sneak into the ship to ward off opponents without seeing them, and use the rewards you earn to unlock new characters.


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