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Rebel Racing is a 3D driving game where you can get behind the wheel of dozens of vehicles from real car manufacturers and race on tracks located on the US West Coast. Your goal: to become the fastest runner in the US.

The controls in Rebel Racing are very simple: on the sides of the screen are your buttons for rotation and on the right, once loaded, is also the turbo button. That said, you can normally only use the turbo once per race, so you need to think carefully about when you want to start. A turbo at the right time could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

At the beginning of Rebel Racing you only have one vehicle in your garage and a few tracks to drive. But as you play and win races, you can upgrade your vehicle. And when you do, you can take part in better competitions where you can win even better cars. In addition, you can customize your cars as you like with all kinds of parts.

Rebel Racing is an impressive driving game with great graphics, controls that are ideal for touch screens and a huge number of vehicles and tracks. A great title that should obviously be a lot of fun for those who need speed.


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