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Real Steel Champions is a 1v1 Tekken or Dead or Alive style fighting game where you control robots from the movie Real Steel and customize them as you like.

During battles, you have three basic buttons: hit hard, regular hit and block, which you can combine into different combos to try to hit your opponent. Also, after hitting your opponent several times, you can activate a special hit.

In Real Steel Champions, you can fight against hundreds of different robots, many of them from the movie. These battles can be against artificial intelligence or an online friend. In total, you can find 100 different pieces that you can use to customize your robot, as well as 17 other exclusive robots.

Real Steel Champions offers a good spread of different game modes. The championship, the exhibition, the training and the 24 hours are the main ones and they will keep you playing for hours. As mentioned earlier, you can also play single player mode or against other players on the Internet.

Real Steel Champions is a fun fighting game with great graphics that allow you to enjoy a classic fighting game on your Android.


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