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Real Piano is an application where music lovers can enjoy a keyboard full of features. If you want to play the piano wherever you are and without having to be connected to the internet, this tool can help you compose your own songs or play all types of work. Download the keyboard and take music with you everywhere.

One of the main features of Real Piano is that you can learn how to play the piano from the beginning with the lessons included in the application. Therefore, you can participate in the world of the keyboard through the most famous projects. With this option, you can learn to differentiate the strings as you memorize unique pieces to play later. Real Piano offers fun games where you have to touch the right key at the right time to learn how to play all different types of songs. You can enjoy endless possibilities.

On the other hand, this app not only teaches you how to play classics, but you can improve your skills and play any kind of music in free mode. With this feature, you can play the piano in your own way, without limiting yourself to one style or following any rules.

Finally, another great feature of Real Piano is that you can record your own compositions and play them whenever you like and compose great pieces of music. Save everything and listen to it again to keep adding pieces to your piece while enjoying the wonderful possibilities offered by the real piano.


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