Real Bike Racing 1.3.0 for Android

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If you are a fan of motorcycles with a need for speed, try the Real Bike Racing skill game and drive real racing bikes to their limits in exciting races in all kinds of racing. Win even the most experienced competition and become the fastest driver on the track!

And controlling your bike is easy: use the accelerator and brake pedals at the bottom right of the screen and simply tilt your device to one side or the other to turn. The more you tilt your device, the sharper your motorcycle will turn. Additionally, the circuit map, your remaining laps and your time are displayed at the top of the screen. Watch this information to become faster in each lap, shave precious seconds of your time and beat your opponents!

In Real Bike Racing you can choose from ten famous motorcycles and try them on the nine different tracks of the game. To become the fastest driver on the track, you better be prepared to accelerate at every turn on the track and brake later than your competition. Plan behind the other riders – but do not let them go too far in front of you – to cross the finish line first.

In addition, this game has three different modes: race, league and virtual reality mode. Just pick your favorite to test your speed and ability in incredibly fast races! Tailor your motorcycle, drive it to its limits and defeat even the toughest opponents!


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