Ratio – The Launcher Productivity 4.2.3 APK Download from Blloc Inc.

Download Free Ratio – The Launcher Productivity 4.2.3 APK Download from Blloc Inc.

Welcome to your new home screen. 3 projections, 0 distractions.

Ratio is not just a startup program. We have redefined the basic functionality of your phone
you return to control. The ratio optimizes your digital life with stunning design,
improved application organization and unified messaging.
Be less distracted. Be more productive

Your applications. Organized like never before.
More than 3700 applications are released every day. It is 2020 and your home screen
has not arrived yet. Ratio intelligently categorizes your applications for you.
Your screen adjusts to your own flow with our drawer function. Show only the applications that are related to you for each different time of the day.

All the basics of your phone, with a single touch
We have created custom cards that are integrated into your daily tasks: Calendar,
News, notes, Todo, Weather, Events, Relaxation, Search, RSS, Calculator,
Currency, timer, stocks, phone settings.
And more always in progress.

All messaging platforms. Under one roof. Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram,
Facebook Messenger and more. They brought it together for the first time. To stop
switch between applications. Ratio gathers and merges conversations in all messaging apps so you never fall for the ball again.

We created ways for every (really, every) situation
Dark mode: Inspired by the original BllocMode designed in 2016, this
The theme balances both contrast and performance.
Sun Mode: This feature was created to give you the best possible contrast to
bright environments and even direct sunlight.
Lighting function With a popular request, we make the Ratio bright and translucent
for the first time. Match the time of day with the new light theme.

Security first
Your privacy is more important than ever. We take steps to keep it that way.
Local – Nothing leaves your device
No cloud processing, no third party services, no compromises. The ratio calculates
everything on your phone.
Privacy: You decide which rights we have
The ratio gives you complete control over the data in which it can be processed with a simple user interface
completely revokes access, however, you deem appropriate. Transparency like never before
Encrypted: For your eyes only
We use asynchronous dual encryption based on RSA 256-bit for protection
your data. We do not have a master key. You and you alone should have access to your own

To activate the advanced ColorTouch and AppLocking Download Desktop Companion from your computer (Windows / OSX) and follow the instructions.

For bug reports, visit www.blloc.com/bug-report or send an email to [email protected]

We also suggest you visit the community forum
community.blloc.com for best practices and immediate support from our developers or other active users.

You will find the changelog of all recent updates here: blloc.com/updates

Download Last Version: Ratio – The Launcher Productivity 4.2.3 APK Download from Blloc Inc.

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