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Random Dice is an extremely entertaining strategy title that combines the two different game styles of Tower Defense and Merge Games.

The gameplay in Random Dice is simple as it is based entirely on the most basic Tower Defense mechanisms: you must try to defeat all the enemies in the level before they can enter your base. For every enemy you destroy, you will earn coins that you can invest in new and more powerful units that will help you protect your weaknesses. The game’s merging mechanisms come into play in your defense strategy: the units that will help you protect your base are dice that you can combine with other dice of the same color and value to increase their attacking abilities.

With each victory, you will have the opportunity to unlock new types of dice, each with its own unique and special skills that you will have to master to win the most difficult battles.

One of the most interesting features of Random Dice is the multiplayer mode. Here you have to compete with players from all over the world to be the last against the incessant hordes of the enemy.


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