Ragdoll Dismounting 1.62 for Android

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Try the laws of physics as you launch all sorts of characters and cars through different scenes in the fun Ragdoll Dismounting game. Not only that, but its fantastic graphics will keep you entertained as objects fly across the screen and are destroyed.

Ragdoll Dismounting has simple controls: just select the starting position of the character or vehicle, press the start button and watch as they fall on the screen and are destroyed by all obstructed objects.

As you gain levels, you can unlock new items and positions for your character, which will help you complete the objectives of each level. For example, even seemingly lean stunts can be accomplished simply by equipping your character with skates or wheels.

Ragdoll Dismounting is a simple game that offers hours of fun starting with ragdolls or platform vehicles. Try the physics of the game with the almost endless amounts of stunts you can try!


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