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Download Free Questland 3.26.0 for Android – Download

Questland is a first-person RPG where players take on a mysterious fantasy world called Valia. Soon it is seemingly serene and the facade should be consumed slowly from the depths of darkness. The skeletons, spiders, giants and other evil creatures of the night are one by one entering the land of humanity.

First things first, when you start playing Questland you will create and customize your character. With many options to choose from: dozens of hairstyles, face shapes, eye shapes, eyebrows, tattoos, earrings, hair colors, skin tones and much more – the choices are endless. Create your own unique characters.

Once you create your own hero (you can go out at any time) go straight to your adventure. Players move in different scenarios from the perspective of a first person as they face all the enemies that appear. To answer, you will find your individual skills and attack controllers at the bottom of your screen.

Between an adventure and the next players go up and improve their features. Get new equipment, such as weapons and armor, as well as other accessories. Along the way there are tons of colorful characters in the world of Valia. Plus, with so many special events happening all the time and unlocking access as you play, there are many things to do. Not to mention the excitement of a PvP duel.

Questland is an RPG that offers great graphics and an amazing amount of original content. We are talking about a game where you can find, win or create over a thousand different weapons, armor, boots, gloves, necklaces and more.


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