Q -Dir 9.94.1 for Windows – Download

Download Free Q -Dir 9.94.1 for Windows – Download

Q-Dir is an application for managing files on your computer in a practical and simple way. This is a fantastic Windows Explorer alternative that stands out mainly for its panel system, which allows you to use up to four different panels at the same time.

With this application, you can work on four different tables without opening separate folder windows, which improves file management. Transferring files from one folder to another has never been easier, and this application also includes additional shortcut options for the menu bar.

Q-Dir is a great file management application that takes up very little space on your computer. This is a great alternative to Windows Explorer with many options for streamlining your work, such as a flexible panel system, color coding, quick links, and more. You can also export file lists in the following formats: XLS, CSV, TXT and HTML.


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