Puzzledom 8.0.5 for Android – Download

Download Free Puzzledom 8.0.5 for Android – Download

Play some of the best puzzle games available for Android with the Puzzledom app. Play Flow, Tangram, Pipes, Blocks, Unblock and more. Play all these games, which in total have over 2000 different levels, from one application!

Each of the Puzzledom games has a tutorial, although you probably already know how to play most of them. Connect multicolored dots with lines of the same color in Flow, create geometric shapes using all available shapes in Tangram, build pipes in Plumbing, etc.

An absolutely basic title for puzzle lovers, Puzzledom is an excellent collection of puzzle games, with the ability to offer hours (maybe even days) of entertainment. Play some of the most popular puzzle games or find a new favorite!


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