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Puzzle Wings is a “match-3” style puzzle game where your goal is to match three or more pieces of the same kind to remove them from the board and earn points that will help you continue your course.

The gameplay in Puzzle Wings is typical of this kind: the game divides its content into levels. Each new level will be more difficult than the previous one. Each level also comes with a challenge: earn the most points by matching two specific types of pieces that will change in each level. The idea is to score the most points with the least number of moves. To do this, you must be careful not to participate accidentally. Instead, try to match more than three and try to find moves that will cause different parts of the table to be mapped, etc. This means that the game encourages you to consider your moves, not only in terms of puzzle but also in terms of strategy. In addition, if you manage to complete the level and have moves left, these become star moves that will be multiplied in the final combination.

Puzzle Wings is another game where you match pieces to earn points that fulfills its goal: to offer a smooth, good moment.


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