Puzzle Island 4.0326 for Android

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Join Emily and travel to an island in Puzzle Island action / adventure game. Emily’s brother is missing, so not only will you have to run a productive farm and manage resources, but you will also have to solve mysteries along the way.

There are many islanders you will meet on Puzzle Island, who will give you some tips on what to do. As your neighbors give you clues, you should explore every corner of the island to find the answers to all of Emily’s questions.

Puzzle Island uses a top-down perspective, which makes it easy to find useful items as you use raw materials in nature to create resources. As you collect items, they will be placed in your stock.

Explore the colorful universe of Puzzle Island and help Emily win every mini-game. On top of all that, this game has handy controls and a story that will keep you entertained as you earn levels.


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