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Puppy Town is a simple game where your goal is to combine as many dogs as possible to unlock new breeds and win coins. In fact, you will repeat this process over and over again until the wealth you have accumulated builds enough city for your pets.

The graphics in Puppy Town are very well designed, with graphic elements that accurately represent cute little puppies. Once you start the game, Puppy Town displays an equal square field located right in the center of your screen. Your mission is to drag each pair of puppies that fit so that they are together. This, by the way, is also how you discover new breeds

As you unlock new puppies, Puppy Town also displays the amount of money you earn at all times, basically doing nothing. So you basically take control and start dragging pets from one box to another (always make sure they fit). If you want to speed up the appearance of puppies on the board, you will need to repeatedly tap the puppy shape at the bottom of the interface.

Puppy Town will challenge you to complete simple actions that combine matching dogs to get as many new breeds as possible, while also creating enough cash resources to forge a cynical city from scratch.


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