PUB Gfx Tool Free 0.18.2 for Android

Download Free PUB Gfx Tool Free 0.18.2 for Android

PUB Gfx Tool Free is a tool that allows you to significantly improve the graphics for PUBG Mobile, in a safe and easy way. Additionally, if your Android smartphone is not terribly new, you can modify your graphics to reduce the resolution, thus speeding up any latency. Overall, you can customize your graphics throughout the game by changing these things.

The process of setting up PUB Gfx Tool Free is very easy. First, select the version of the game you want to run and then choose between the global, Taiwanese, Korean and Chinese versions. From there, select the resolution you need. Once again, you will have tons of options to choose from, including all 960×540 for mid-range smartphones, up to 2560×1440 for top tablets.

Once you have completed these first steps, you can begin setting up your graphics. Choose the quality you want for your in-game graphics, the fps rate that works best for your device, and turn shadows on or off, as well as MSAA. Of course, you need to remember your smartphone memory to set things up properly.

PUB Gfx Tool Free is a great application for the complete customization of your PUBG Mobile experience, regardless of the version you choose. This app is very useful for everyone, from high-powered Android users looking for an enhanced PUBG experience, to people with mid-range phones who need to play PUBG without freezing their smartphone.


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