PsiPhon 330 for Android – Download

Download Free PsiPhon 330 for Android – Download

Psiphon is an open source browser whose sole purpose is to avoid censorship for millions of users around the world, censorship that restricts freedom of expression, and too much Internet content.

Once you start the application, you will be connected to the Psiphon servers that give you access, through a network of proxies, to any website in the world without the risk of being discovered in the process. This means you can surf the web anonymously and freely.

Once connected to this secure proxy network, the app lets you browse through its own built-in web browser, where you can add bookmarks, create a start page, and basically do what you would do in a regular browser. tissue. The capabilities of Psiphon, of course, are not as extensive as other applications, but it perfectly fulfills its purpose.

Psiphon is a very interesting application for Android users who face problems of avoiding censorship. Thanks to this application, you can surf the Internet freely and go to any website you want.


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