PPSSPP 1.12.2 – Free PC Download

Download Free PPSSPP 1.12.2 – Free PC Download

Now that portable video consoles are back in vogue thanks to the release of the Nintendo Switch, this crossover between a handheld console and a desktop console, it’s time to remember one of the most legendary video game platforms like the PSP or The PlayStation Portable was released in 2004The

The best PSP emulator.

Although it never reached the commercial success of its biggest rival, the Nintendo DS, it sold over 80 million units during its 10-year lifespan (discontinued in 2014), leaving behind hundreds of memorable titles that we can now play again. Thanks to PPSSPP, The best PSP emulator for Windows, although it is also available for Android, in APK format, which you can download from Google Play, which is not very common with this type of application. There is also a version for macOS and its developers have finally released an iOS version that allows us to play our favorite PSP games on our iPhone or iPad, although in this case, we will have to jailbreak our device.

How to install PSP games on your computer?

After installing this emulator on your computer, you will need to do a Google search to find the ROMs of your favorite games since this download does not include a titleThe latter usually come in CSO format which is a kind of compressed ISO for PSP and weighs minimal MB, so you will download them in seconds.

Once you have downloaded the game of your choice, simply copy the file to the folder where you unzipped the emulator. Then, simply run the PPSSPPWindows or PPSSPPWindows64 file depending on your operating system and load the game from the menu. That’s it, in seconds you will play any of the classics of this portable platform with the original graphics and controls.

What games and ROMs are available for PPSSPP?

Well, there are many of them. Note that there are over 900 playable games for this console. Not all are available for download as a ROM, but you will be able to find most of them:

  • Disgaea
  • Ridge Racer
  • Worms
  • Παταπόν
  • Soul Calibur
  • Burnout Dominator
  • Deadly Battle
  • Small Big Planet
  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • GTA: Vice City Stories

You should also be aware that this emulator allows you to play with scammers and tricksHowever, you will need to get one of the online guides you will find on the Internet, as they can explain how to enable these aids, both in writing and on video: YouTube is full of instructional videos.

What is the best version of PPSSPP?

Well, there are two versions available, the classic we are currently offering you and PPSSPP GoldBut, what is the difference? None. The Gold version is just one paid version in which you offer your financial support to the developer this free open source emulation software (the same guy behind Dolphin Emulator) and feel better about yourself for your contribution to its development. But under no circumstances will you download a faster or more powerful version of it PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for portable playbackThe

What’s new in the latest version

  • Performance and compatibility corrections.

Download Last Version: PPSSPP 1.12.2 – Free PC Download

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