PowerToys 0.29.0 – Free PC Download

Download Free PowerToys 0.29.0 – Free PC Download

A few years ago, Microsoft was released PowerToys and for Windows 95 and XP. It was a set of advanced tools that allowed users performs a series of actions that were not enabled in standard versions of the operating system.

PowerToys for Windows 10

Microsoft has done it again, but this time for Windows 10, incorporating only two tools at the moment. To be able to use these features, we need to download and run the installer. Configuring it will allow us to determine if we want the software to boot every time our system starts or not:

  • FancyZones: can be used to create virus-free spaces where we can place windows and help with multiple system work. With this function, we can edit different parameters of the areas where the windows open, as well as other options.
  • Shortcut guide: shows us a window with all the available keyboard shortcuts in the system. In this case, we just need to configure the opacity of the window and the time it will take to open it after pressing the Windows key.

We look forward to incorporating new tools in future updates.

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