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Power Spider 2 is a fun game that blocks the adventures of the legendary wall detector. In the game, your mission is to help Spider-Man, known here as Power Spider, roam the city and avenge the criminals who caused the painful radioactive disease from a spider bite. So, you have to use his strong jumps and the feeling of spidey.

The Power Spider 2 interface is intuitive, with detailed graphics. You can choose how to get to the levels by looking at the character you control or, on the other hand, choosing a first person mode that shows you exactly what your character sees at any given time, immersing you deeper into the atmosphere of the game.

The game engineers are simple, as you just have to tap on the screen and select the direction you want to move your character. To do this, you have the option to change direction to move forward, backward, left and right, as well as to be able to choose defensive actions or high jumps, among other actions.

One of the special features of Power Spider 2 is that your adventure is endless, ie it is an open world game with various activities throughout the city. Therefore, Power Spider 2 is one of those games where you have to know your goal to be able to complete it and move through the various levels. At the same time, you can enjoy the authentic way Power Spider 2 has to show the world of this character, as a parody.


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