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Portal Worlds is an MMO sandbox where you can travel to dozens of different worlds and interact with other players from around the world. And as in the wonderful Terraria, you can create your own worlds. You can extract all kinds of materials, use blocks to build structures, build hundreds of objects … basically, you can design and customize your own unique world.

One of the most beautiful things about Portal Worlds is that you can make your planets fun for other players to visit. If you create a planet that is attractive to other players, they are likely to return. The more players visit your planet, the more chances you have to exchange or interact with them.

The possibilities for customization and interaction in Portal Worlds are enormous. You have hundreds of different options when it comes to personalizing your character look, with different types of clothes to choose from. In addition, you can not only talk to other players, but also make dozens of different gestures to communicate as well.

Portal Worlds is an original and fun MMO that offers a unique gaming experience. Plus, pixelated graphics are as glamorous as they are detailed.


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