PoMelo File Explorer 1.2.3 for Android

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PoMelo File Explorer is a complete file management tool that lets you control all your documents, files and applications stored in your Android memory. With this tool, the days are gone when we do not know what is in each folder on your device. In addition, the application offers a device optimization service that allows you to remove all unwanted files that take up just one space.

How PoMelo File Explorer works is not much different from any other file explorer. While in the application, you can copy, paste, cut, create, remove and rename files and folders. but you can also send a document quickly via email or other application you have installed. Moving between folders is also quick and convenient, as you can easily move back and forth between them.

With PoMelo File Explorer, you also have a search engine with filters that make searching smoother, as you can only see photos stored on your device, videos only, or even APKs only. The last function means that once you install the application from the corresponding APK, it only takes one second to remove the installer and free your device memory from unnecessary files. In addition, with the junk file scanner, you can free up space even faster. You can also see which file types take up the most space on your device.

PoMelo File Explorer is a very useful tool for every Android user, as it allows you to have complete control over the files and documents stored on your device.


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