Police Moto Bike Chase 2.0.23 for Android

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Police Moto Bike Chase is an action game where you play as a Russian policeman who watches every last criminal in the city. If you want to test your reflexes and see what it is like to protect a city from crime, this game brings you face to face with the Russian mafia, as well as threats, dangers and a variety of dangers.

At the beginning of this game, you have to play through a tutorial where you learn all the basic commands: running, aiming, shooting, riding a motorcycle, etc. .

In Police Moto Bike Chase, you can choose between two game modes. In the first, which is an episode, there is a series of missions that you must complete to proceed. As you progress, the game grows even more difficult, making intricate missions that really test your reflexes. Chase a car, stop the mafia shooting in the middle of the road and many other missions where you have to do whatever it takes to be a good cop. You can also play a free mode where you decide which missions you want to undertake.

Have fun completing tons of free missions or play episodes, make sure this city is crime free once and for all. Become the best cop in the world as you face all the challenges that await you at the Police Moto Bike Chase.


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