Plex Media Server for Mac

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Plex Media Server is an application that lets you create and manage a media server from your Mac. It is an incredibly useful program that makes your files accessible from other devices, whether it is another Mac, PC, smartphone, tablet, console, Chromecast … the possibilities are endless.

Once you have installed Plex Media Server, the program runs in the background on your Mac, so you can enjoy all its features. With this application, you can manage all the media files you have, as well as organize the different folders where they are stored. It is an application that you must have to use all the features offered by Plex.

If you want to manage everything in the best possible way, you need to create an account and use it on your devices to synchronize your library where you want to use it.

You will need to download Plex Media Server to use this streaming service for your own files. It is an incredibly intuitive tool and uses metadata from different open source libraries to supplement information about files that it does not have.


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