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Pirate Kings is a simple game where you play a pirate in order to make the most beautiful and well-preserved Caribbean island, of course, the pirate ship and the parrot.

The whole game at Pirate Kings revolves around roulette. Players start with a limited number of spins and can earn more by waiting a bit, winning them at the roulette wheel, or of course paying real money.

Roulette spins are your main source of income, giving you money both directly and indirectly. That is, you can win a certain number of gold coins or the opportunity to attack another pirate and steal his gold coins in the process.

Attacking other pirates is very simple: you just have to choose what you want (his island, his ship, his decorations) and click to shoot the cannon. This way, you can get some of his money. That said, you need to be careful because other players can do the same for you.

Pirate Kings is a very simple game and while it has a very limited game, it is fun enough to make you want to spend a few minutes a day spinning the roulette wheel. The graphics are also very good.


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