Pianoteq 7.3.0 for Mac – Download

Download Free Pianoteq 7.3.0 for Mac – Download

Pianoteq 4 was named “the future of virtual pianos”, offering the best and most advanced technology available today. This software thoroughly updates its predecessor and includes new sounds, features and effects. It also takes up only 20 MB of memory.

The sound is played through a physical model that simulates the properties and function of real acoustic pianos, which means that the program is a highly customizable instrument that can be connected to any MIDI compatible piano keyboard.

Complex tunes can play the sound of a particular instrument in all its richness, such as the sound of a harp with each of its strings, the double-sided scale or the retention effect when a key is played (with graded retention levels), among others special effects like staccato.

The Pianoteq 4 also includes four pedals: una corda, hold, harmonic and sostenuto

This program also allows you to select the microphone position and mix from multiple input channels (with more than 5 microphones and 5 channels). The Pianoteq 4 includes an equalizer, a keyboard calibration guide, volume control and a more dynamic timbre variant to give more control between pianissimo and fortissimo.


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