Photo Mechanic for Mac – Free Download (Latest Version 2021)

Download Free Photo Mechanic for Mac – Free Download (Latest Version 2021)

Once you release the camera, your workflow starts after editing. The most productive photographers in the world use Photo Mechanic for Macstrong features to do manage photos faster and easierE Quickly take photos from your memory cards and select your winners without having to wait.

Use original tools created for photographers to the most extreme deadlines in the world to add information such as captions, keywords and copyrights to your images as quickly as possible. Finally, deliver these images to the world with powerful export capabilities. Photo Engineer for macOS speeds up your workflow and you take on all the credit.

Connect the memory cards and start selecting winners and clearing discards almost immediately. Move from image to image without this annoying performance delay. Add dynamic subtitle, copyright, and keyword information individually or in batches. Upload instant images to online galleries or image services. And much more! Mechanic is the ultimate file and metadata management toolΕ

Editing your photos can be a daunting task. Facilitates the process of selecting, organizing and adding metadata to your images. Here are some key features to help you get things done faster and more accurately.

Characteristics and main points

Quick view / slaughter
Go from memory card to work for your best pictures faster than ever. Swallow, wipe, grade and organize for a faster, more efficient workflow.

Work as you wish
Let’s work together. Photo Mechanic is designed to play nicely with other editing and creative tools, so you have control.

Subtitles, Keywords and Copyright
A picture is worth a thousand words, but only the built-in metadata counts. Get faster tagging of your images with important information like credit and copyright to protect your business.

Contact sheet
The contact sheet is the heart of your workflow. View thumbnails of your image, edit and organize quickly and efficiently. The application gives you control.

Quick file preview
Rotate from one image to another without delay. With thousands of images, the savings really add up.

Sometimes you need more than one keyword to describe (and find) an image. Helps you add keywords in many ways. Structured keyword lists allow you to quickly add relevant keywords.

Automatically add EXIF ​​camera data to your images, such as focal length, serial number, or ISO in metadata fields, such as captions or keywords.

Bulk processing
It works faster when copying, deleting, tagging, watermarking, renaming, resizing, and adding IPTC metadata to multiple photos at once.

Move, Copy and Rename
Add download time to file names. Create dating folders on the go. Copy files to multiple destinations at once. PhotoMechanic’s file management the tools are incredibly powerful.

Code replacements
Save time typing complex text with code replacement. A few keys can add whole sentences to your captions.

GPS coordinates
Geographically place your photos by easily applying the saved GPS tracking logs to your photos with the program. Now, in Engineer 6: Use GPS data to automatically add city, state, and country names to your metadata!

Adjust download dates and times
Take photos from multiple cameras and sync them with the correct date and time. This is ideal for wedding photographers with snipers.

Choose the best from the bundle
View and compare images side by side, horizontally or vertically. Spot differences between images that are too thin to see when viewing one at a time, or simply choose between two top options.

Note: 30 days trial version.

Also available: Download Photo Mechanic for Windows

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