Phone + Contacts and Calls 3.7.1 for Android

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Phone + Contacts and Calls is an application that allows you to easily and conveniently manage your phone calls. That way, if you are not happy with the phone app that was pre-installed on your phone, you can replace it with this great app.

The application provides you with two different tabs: call history and contacts. In the first tab, you can quickly see all the calls you have made or received, along with how long they lasted and the time they were made. From the contacts list, you can view all your contacts and call any of them with one click.

From the setup menu, you can activate many useful ways for your calls. For example, you can choose what you want to happen when you end a call: return to the home screen, return to the call menu, or nothing. You can also adjust the size of the text or image you see. You can even enable special options if your device is rooted.

Phone + Contacts and Calls is a great phone app that lets you easily manage all your phone calls. It is a simple and powerful application that is full of interesting features. In short, it is ideal for those looking for a new phone app.


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