PewDiePie: Tuber Simulator 1.74.0 for Android

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PewDiePie: Tuber Simulator is a simple game where your goal is to turn your character into a successful YouTuber. The problem? You start in a small room with almost no money and nothing to work on. Luckily you have the invaluable help of PewDiePie, who will show you everything you need to know to become great in the game.

The idea in PewDiePie: Tuber Simulator is to get as many subscribers as possible, which in turn gives you a lot of money to buy a lot of cute decorations for your room. You can even buy brand new rooms that are much nicer than you started.

To get subscribers and visits, as you would expect, you need to create videos. This is as easy as choosing from many different options and waiting for a few seconds. All you need to keep in mind before deciding what you want to create your video for is what is going viral right now.

PewDiePie: Tuber Simulator has an original and fun idea, as well as great graphics in retro style, even the original voice of PewDiePie.


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