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Download Free Petventures 1.01 for Android – Download

Petventures is a very cute adventure where you have to take care of, feed and pet dozens of wild animals in a unique environment. Enjoy a house in the mountains where you can discover new creatures with whom you can make friends, discover their personalities, play with them and improve the area to get the perfect habitat for them.

In this adventure, you will end up in a small house in a mountain valley, where wild animals will run happily around you. In order to gain their trust, you need to approach them slowly, caress them and offer them their favorite food. You can do this by creating your own garden and planting vegetables that will help you raise animals. Your garden resources will be needed to feed them, so develop your garden skills to get enough food for everyone.

The valley at Petventures is full of surprises and hidden treasures that you must find to enjoy the unique adventure. Receive the help of your new friends and give them all the love they deserve while you play or caress them. Your friends will be happy as long as they have food and attention, so enjoy their company as much as you can.

When you have enough animals, you will be able to send them to special tasks that help the environment (reforestation or restoration of wood, for example). Create a perfect world where animals can live happily and freely and enjoy their care and give them everything they need. Each animal in Petventures has its own story that you can listen to to improve your connection with them. Enjoy a really sweet story with carefully created graphics and caress dozens of animals in this beautiful adventure.


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