Pet Rescue Saga 1.272.12 for Android

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Pet Rescue Saga is a puzzle game that challenges you to break sets of blocks to clear each of the levels and save the animals inside.

The game includes more than a hundred different levels and the dynamics are always the same: break groups of colored blocks. This is as simple as clicking on a group of blocks of the same color. However, keep in mind that a wrong move can be catastrophic, so there are many factors to consider.

Once you stumble upon an animal that needs your help, you need to bring it back to safety. Rescuing your pets earns extra points that can help you earn the three stars available in each level.

The social features included in Pet Rescue Saga allow you to compete with your friends online. All you have to do is see their scores in each level and try to win them. Without a doubt, this is one of the most fun features of the game.

Pet Rescue Saga is a simple puzzle game that you can start enjoying right away. However, mastering it is completely different. The level of difficulty of some of the challenges is not for the faint of heart.


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