PBS KIDS Games 3.3.2 for Android

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PBS KIDS Games is a collection of children’s toys designed especially with your little ones in mind. The goal of over 100 mini-games in this app is to have fun, while also educating and teaching math, language and science skills.

In PBS KIDS Games there are over a hundred children’s games aimed at young children aged 2-8 years. The games are quite varied, with many different types of puzzles, mazes, coloring games and tons of cool activities. In addition, most of them are designed so that, while having fun, they can learn subjects as different as mathematics or language.

Two really great protection features were designed in this app from the beginning, including the fact that it is fully functional offline and does not display in-app ads to your children. Thanks to the offline features, you can let your little one play with this app without having to worry too much about accessing anything they shouldn’t and without engaging in advertising.

PBS KIDS Games is a large collection of children’s mini-games. Now children all over the world can have fun and learn at the same time. The game also comes with rich, colorful graphics and a cast of characters that is full of charisma.


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