Partition 1.3.1 for Android – Download

Download Free Partition 1.3.1 for Android – Download

Apartment is an escape game that tests your logical skills and intuition to escape an apartment where not everything is what it seems. If you like this kind of game and are looking for something different from anything you have played in the past, this game will definitely keep you stuck in front of the screen for hours. Dive into the settings where memories are an essential part of escaping.

The story begins in an unknown room where you are surrounded by a bunch of unknown elements with which you can interact. Your mission is to escape no matter what, finding the necessary items to open the different doors until you find the exit. Along the way, you will find many obstacles that are there to make it difficult for you to move, but remember, you have to keep going no matter what.

Keep in mind that in this fun adventure, the rooms may not be what they seem. Sometimes you will enter the same room twice and find different things. The differences are in your own memories. search thoroughly in each room and never forget what you saw before.

Run through the different rooms of the house and get everything because it could help you in the future. Combine items, remember information, and check for anything that looks suspicious. Walk again, discover new places … Move to the apartment and test your logic and patience.


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