Parchis STAR 1.92.1 for Android

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If you like playing parchesi but have no one to play with, Parchis STAR is a really fun app that lets you enjoy hours of this incredible board game against opponents from all over the world. The app helps you make sure you always have someone to play with, regardless of the time of day or night.

Parchis STAR includes various game modes. 1 on 1, team, four players and play with friends. In the first mode you will face another user face to face, but in team mode you have to conspire with another player to get rid of the other two. The four player mode will turn everyone against everyone and in the friend mode you can play against whomever you choose. If your family or friends play Parchis STAR, you can pick them up and play with them as many times as you want. Finally, the game includes the option to play offline and against artificial intelligence.

One of the best parts of this game is that it includes a tournament where you can compete with dozens of users around the world. Roll these dice and try your luck in each round to get as far as possible while enjoying hours of fun playing Parchis STAR.


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