Pacifica 8.22.0 for Android – Download

Download Free Pacifica 8.22.0 for Android – Download

Pacifica is an application that helps you improve many aspects of your health related to stress, sleep, stress, diet, exercise, etc. live a better life.

Pacifica has a wide variety of useful features. For example, the first is a tool to monitor your mood. With this feature, you can see how your mood improves or deteriorates over time and you can explore the reasons for these changes.

Another interesting feature in Pacifica is the relaxation tool. You will find simple exercises that will help you inhale and exhale at a certain pace and even complete positive visualization exercises. Each is accompanied by relaxing sounds that you can configure as much as you want.

On top of all that, Pacifica allows you to maintain a list of certain activities that, while seemingly insignificant to your well-being, actually are. How much coffee you drink daily, hours of sleep, alcohol consumption, social relationships … everything counts and Pacifica helps you keep track.

Pacifica is a great application for those who want to enlighten their mindset and improve their health. Some of the features may seem a bit silly at first, but most of them are quite useful.


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