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Valve was a leading company in distributing games through a digital platform thanks to the launch of Steam, and over time rival companies have finally clicked on that this kind of platform can also be used as a good tool against piracy, as Electronic Arts (EA) did with Origin.

Update your games on your computer

Among the advantages it offers Origin the user will be able to buy some of the Electronic Arts games in digital format and associate them with his account so you can install the game on as many computers as he wants.

Games for all ages and audiences.

On the other hand, it is can also be associated with physical games via its code, and from that moment on will notify the user when updates are available for the games they have installed, so that they always have the latest version available.

Basic digital platform

With the release of their latest games, Electronic Arts has also decided to use it as method against piracy, because games like Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3 require their installation to be able to play.

Therefore, if you want enjoy the latest Electronic Arts games and know at any time if they are updated, download Origin free of charge.

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