Opera Mini beta 55.0.2254.56335 for Android

Download Free Opera Mini beta 55.0.2254.56335 for Android

Opera Mini Beta is a special edition of Opera Mini where you can try out new features before they are officially released. This is one of the fastest internet browsers you can find and now you can try all the latest features to enhance your experience.

This beta has the same features as the original, in general: minimalist design, use of Opera servers to load websites faster, a complete breakdown of the data you use and store, and so on. And the icing on the cake is now you can try new enhancements before they are released as well.

Navigating with the Opera Mini is very intuitive and easy thanks to its design, which is ideal for touch screens: gesture shortcuts, pinch to zoom, scroll forward or backward, and so on. And not only that, as it is also very easy to synchronize all your usage data with Opera Link. It is an easy way to change the browsing from your computer to your smartphone without losing anything in the process.

Opera Mini Beta is one of the best and lightest browsers you can find on Android. Not only can you save data using it to go from site to site, but you can also try new improvements to Opera Mini as you do.


Download Last Version: Opera Mini beta 55.0.2254.56335 for Android

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