Opera Browser 65.1.3381.61266 for Android

Download Free Opera Browser 65.1.3381.61266 for Android

Opera browser is an alternative to the default Android browser and allows you to browse the Internet quickly without significantly affecting the performance of your terminal.

The browser uses Opera servers to compress web pages and allows you to load them much faster, so you can not only save time but also money (if you use 3G browsing).

The browser interface looks great on any Android device, giving it a very sleek and, above all, functional look. Plus, you can easily zoom in on the screen and have multiple touch shortcuts to navigate more conveniently than other browsers.

With Opera Link, you can sync your bookmarks, shortcuts and general options and share them with your desktop and mobile terminal, which is useful for users on the go.

The application comes with automatic support for social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to this, it will be much faster to use. You can also easily download any files and save them to terminal memory, ready for later access from a desktop computer.

Opera Browser is a great alternative for browsing the Internet from an Android device, whether on a mobile phone or tablet. It has everything you need and is fun to use, which means you do not have to deal with many of the complications that often go hand in hand with mobile browsing.


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