Opera 73.0.3856.344 – Free PC Download

Download Free Opera 73.0.3856.344 – Free PC Download

Web browsing has some great actors known to us: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both are fighting to see who can win the most users in the world. Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Yandex and others are still far behind. But as the most serious and best alternative to all, we can find this Norwegian development.

A veteran and avant-garde browser

In 1995 many people did not even know what the Internet was, but that year was its first release Opera released, a browser that is almost as old as Netscape Navigator but it has managed to stay in place over time and consolidate a growing user base. For this reason, it is available not only on Windows, but also on computers with Linux, Mac, in APK format for Android devices, as well as on iPhone and iPad with Coast and Mini versions.

Available on Windows 95, XP and Vista, as well as modern versions of the operating system.

And if we talk about this browser, it’s not just about usability, speed and flexibility to adapt to the latest web standards that have made it a serious alternative to Chrome and Firefox. But also in the fact that he was always one a pioneer in the implementation of bold and advanced ideas later copied by competitors, such as speed dialing, pop-up blocking, user sessions, private browsing, or tabbed browsing.

Main characteristics

Comes with a number of features that help create a unique browsing experience, such as:

  • Greater security thanks to its protection against scams and malicious programs on the Internet.
  • Free VPN for browsing with built-in privacy.
  • Adblocker to block ads without having to download and install extensions, speeding up web page load time by up to 90%.
  • Different functions for multitasking support: visual bookmarks, tabbed browsing, customizable shortcuts, pop-up video mode to keep your work from interrupting while browsing and playing video …
  • Faster browsing thanks to the turbo compression function.
  • Optimized resource consumption designed for laptops.
  • Customize with over 1,000 extensions or add-ons and hundreds of themes to give your browser a personal touch
  • Sync with other devices, whether PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Channel with custom news.

In addition to all the latter, you will also come in all functions that are now quite common other browsers, such as hotkeys, anonymous browsing or a wide range of options for advanced users who want to control every detail of their browsing experience.

Not an old browser, but a forerunner with innovative ideas.

If we were to analyze its pros and cons, it could not be compared to the performance of Chrome (like all browsers). However, it does offer some really good results in this regard, which are offset by other features that make it very usable as well as those related to user privacy.

Without a doubt, a very reliable alternative browser with plenty of experience that you can download to your computer.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Opera 70 comes with an easier way to access closed tabs, simpler searches, and new workspace icons.

Download Last Version: Opera 73.0.3856.344 – Free PC Download

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