OpenSooq 7.6.02 for Android – Download

Download Free OpenSooq 7.6.02 for Android – Download

OpenSooq is an application that allows you to buy and sell used products in the MENA region that includes the Middle East and North Africa. So you can buy and sell all kinds of products in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Libya or Egypt.

You can access the various categories directly in the application interface: housing, vehicles, electronics and more. There are tons of different filters in each category to make your search even easier. One of the most basic filters allows you to select the country in which you want to buy or sell your products. Other filters allow you to search for values ​​and other functions.

OpenSooq is a huge buying and selling application that helps you find thousands of different products in MENA countries. Also, the interface is really practical although it is not the most attractive out there.


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