OnyX 3.9.2 for Mac – Download

Download Free OnyX 3.9.2 for Mac – Download

Onyx is one of the most comprehensive applications out there for maintaining and optimizing your operating system, doing things like checking your hard disk boot volume or any errors it may detect.

Modifying the path in which screenshots are stored and the format used, increasing or decreasing the display speed for windows in the Finder or disabling graphic effects are three of the key functions that can be changed using the program.

OnyX can also be used to perform maintenance tasks, such as verifying your system permissions, rebuilding the display index, or clearing your browser and cached applications.

Onyx files allow you to access dozens of Mac-generated reports detailing any tasks that have been performed, as well as any possible errors that may have occurred.

Finally, the information section lets you view different data about the hardware and users of the device.


For Mac OS 10.5 or higher. Mac OS X Tiger users (10.4) must download Onyx 1.8.5. Mac OS X Panther users (10.3) must download Onx 1.5.3. Mac OS X Jaguar users (10.2) must download Onyx 1.3.1.


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