Onnect 5.4.0 for Android – Download

Download Free Onnect 5.4.0 for Android – Download

Onnect is a fun puzzle game in which you have to match everything on the board before time runs out. Pay close attention to find all the pairs, earn lots of points and win each level!

Not only that, but also the type of item that needs to match the changes after each level. All the different types of matching objects help Onnect stay interesting – and prevent it from becoming monotonous – as it fits all objects!

Onnect has easy-to-use controls that anyone can use: just tap one tile and then another tile with the same image to match each pair. But there are more than just matching images, Onnect also has bombs and other power-ups that can destroy multiple cards at once and help you win the level much faster!

Try Onnect and train your brain as you look carefully at each game board and try to match all the items before time runs out!


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