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Omega Vanitas is an MMORPG with an isometric perspective in a post-apocalyptic world. At first glance, it looks a bit like the first two installments of Fallout. As you play, you will find that while this game was probably inspired by Fallout, it also draws inspiration from many other games.

To start playing Omega Vanitas, you will need to create a user account, which you can do from the application in a matter of seconds. After this step, your character will appear almost naked in the middle of a swamp. Then it is up to you to explore and talk to other players.

As with all MMORPGs, your job as a survivor is to carry out all sorts of missions for other people. Completing missions will give you experience, money and all sorts of items you can use to improve your character. At the beginning of the adventure, you will be practically defenseless, but if you play smart, you will soon have a powerful arsenal of weapons.

Omega Vanitas is a traditional MMORPG style with attractive retro graphics and a relatively original gaming experience. However, the beginning of the game is quite difficult.


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